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Your Global Online Aviation Marketplace, est. 1999

Our team have 20+ years experience in global aviation: 
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Hangar247 is a classifieds based online aviation marketing platform owned and operated by Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd (SASL) in conjunction with our technology alliance partner Origin Creative. We service airplane and helicopter owners, operators, agents, brokers and dealers worldwide. We have thousands of aircraft advertised for sale, across hundreds of makes and types, with our total viewer audience visiting from 150+ countries.

Hangar247 is run by experienced pilots and aircraft owners and SASL is the only online aviation classifieds company in the world that is industry accredited to provide aviation valuations.


Southern Aircraft Sales Ltd (SASL) was founded on a part time basis by Mr Justin Sollitt in 1999 in Christchurch, New Zealand. The founding of SASL follows Justin's lifelong passion for aviation and flying. Since founding SASL Justin has been affiliated with these industry associations: Aviation Industry Association NZ (AIA), Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (NZ), Sport Aircraft Association NZ, and NZ Institute of Plant & Machinery Valuers (Aviation).

SASL was developed on a full time basis from 2003 and with considerable entrepreneurial drive it quickly became a leading aviation brokerage, valuation and light aircraft leasing business in the South Pacific region. SASL broke the mould of traditional aircraft dealerships by pioneering an aviation brokerage operated purely online at a time when the internet was in its infancy and the term 'ecommerce' was largely unheard of. "Back then websites were very much the poor cousin to traditional sales yards and print advertising right across the transport industry. What SASL was doing was seen as very avant-garde, now it is the global industry standard." reflects Justin.

SASL has experience with transacting deals on nearly all fixed and rotor wing aircraft types ranging from a microlight to a business jet and it has either brokered, traded, imported, exported, appraised or valued over 5000 machines worldwide.

The Hangar247 platform was developed by SASL from early 2017. It continues the drive and momentum that the original SASL brokerage established 20 years ago as well as meeting the demand for a global classifieds based technology platform. Today the business represents customers in most countries around the world.


Hangar247 is your global online aviation marketplace
> We are not biased towards only one industry sector or market/continental region. 

Hangar247 is owned and operated by aviators
 We are not just a media company, H247 is owned and operated by experienced pilots and aircraft owners.
> We have considerable experience trading and delivering aircraft internationally.
> We understand the product, we know what information aviaiton buyers are looking for. 

SASL/Hangar247 is the only aviation classifieds company in the world
That is experienced and industry accredited to provide aviation valuations. 

Mission critical delivery of information
> We advertise airplanes and helicopters, our listings are completely free of general advertising clutter.
Positive viewer experience is key. Bandwidth, page structure, click through limits and searchability are carefully optimised.

Responsive is our reputation
> We operate worldwide, around the clock, 7 days a week, including public holidays.
> Any issues with placing, updating or removing any listing are resolved immediately.
All buyer enquiries are directly messaged immediatley to the seller.

We maximise the value and quality of EVERY single advert
Because there are only two things that actually count in this business;
All listings are presented to meet the highest standard possible so that our viewer/buyer audience remains interested.
As a direct result of having viewers/buyers remaining interested, our sellers/advertisers receive value for money.


Top 50 countries where we currently do business:
Argentina - Australia - Austria - Belgium - Brazil - Bulgaria - Canada - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Croatia - Czechia - Denmark - Ecuador - Estonia - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Indonesia - Italy - Jamaica - Japan - Kenya - Lithuania - Malaysia - Mexico - Netherlands - New Zealand - Nigeria - Norway - Papua New Guinea - Peru - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Puerto Rico - Romania - Singapore - Slovenia - Spain - South Africa - Sweden - Switzerland - Thailand - Turkey - Uganda - UK - USA - Venezuela